HealthyBot Chatbot


Delivering healthy living tips daily

Messenger Platform

2.6K 2 3

Health Tap Chatbot

Health Tap

Instant, free answers from 100,000 U.S. doctors from HealthTap

Messenger Platform

13.8K 1 2

Health Poverty Action Chatbot

Health Poverty Action

A Messenger bot to accompany Health Poverty Action's 'It Takes a Village' campaign

Messenger Platform  Pro

27.0K 0 1

HealthRobot Chatbot


Aggregates online user reviews for top health remedies

Messenger Platform

3.2K 0 0

Healthy Reminder Bot Chatbot

Healthy Reminder Bot

A bot that reminds people to do monthly HIV test.

Messenger Platform

2.3K 1 0

Health Hero Chatbot

Health Hero

Fun & free fitness challenges for your company - in less than 30 seconds

Slack Platform

1.9K 0 0


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