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  •   Analytics
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Bot Site Example

One-click website creation

Don't have a website for your bot? Stop wasting time making a website for every bot you build when we can do it for you.

Now you can focus on your bot experience and not your website marketing.

Benefits of Bot Sites

  •   SEO Backlinks
  •   No extra work
  •   Easy Marketing
  •   Looks Professional
  •   Edit content in one location
  •   No hastle with hosting
Bot Analytics Example

Bot Page Analytics

Access the insights you need to drive your bot to the next level on the leading bot discovery platform.

You can also send private messages to anyone who reviews your bot on BotList.

Bot Marketplace Example

Bot Marketplace

Stop paying ridiculous overcharging fees to sell your bots or templates. Pro members get to list their bots for a low one time listing fee.

Sell your bots, templates, and more with BotList Marketplace.

Advertisement Discounts

Advertisement Discounts

You help us out, so we help you out! Get exclusive advertisement deals! Up to 20% off!

Fast Approval

Fast Approval

Don't have to wait in that pesky bot queue. Your submission will be approved the next day.

Pro Deals

Pro Deals

Hand-selected deals from brands we partner with exclusively for Pro members.

Pro Badge

Pro Badge

Show the thousands of people that visit BotList everyday that you're an icon in the bot industry.

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