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Bot Metrics Chatbot

Bot Metrics

Bot analytics & conversation history.

Web Platform

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botgig Chatbot


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Trello SearchBot  Chatbot

Trello SearchBot

Web Platform

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Botlytics Chatbot


Web Platform

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CaptionBot Chatbot


Analyzing and describing images by a bot

Web Platform

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TARA Chatbot


The on-demand team for your small business.

Web Platform

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Beep Boop Chatbot

Beep Boop

Slack Platform Web Platform

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Kik Dev Chatbot

Kik Dev

On Kik’s chat platform, developers can build, grow, and (soon) monetize for a highly engaged teen audience.

Web Platform

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GupShup Chatbot


Build, test and deploy your bot in minutes, across platforms/

Web Platform

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Gobot Chatbot


Web Platform

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Recast.AI Chatbot


End-to-end bot platform using a true NLP technology.

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init.ai Chatbot


Build powerful and intelligent conversational apps

Messenger Platform Slack Platform Web Platform

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