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CogniCor Chatbot


Cognitive bot for Finance

Web Platform

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Jenny Starchat Chatbot

Jenny Starchat

An open-source conversational engine for business bots

Web Platform

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Raaji Chatbot


On a mission to educate, empower & entertain women from developing countries.

Web Platform

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HungryText Chatbot


Accepting customer orders has never been easier

Messenger Platform Skype Platform Slack Platform SMS Platform Web Platform

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Pipemonk Chatbot


Hiring made easy

Web Platform

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ZORO Chatbot


Chat and Buy with Business Bots

Messenger Platform Web Platform

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Archie.AI Chatbot


Talk to Google Analytics using Google Assistant, Alexa.

Email Platform Web Platform Amazon Echo Platform Google Assistant Platform

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Cesarios Website Crawler Bot Chatbot

Cesarios Website Crawler Bot

Allows you to crawl thousands of pages on a website and mine for data

Web Platform

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DontGo Chatbot


We're known by the customers YOU keep!

Web Platform

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Cesarios Exteme Keyword Scraper Chatbot

Cesarios Exteme Keyword Scraper

Run up to 100 threads

Web Platform

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QueensBOT Chatbot


Automate Clash Of Queens

Web Platform

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StrollUp Chatbot


Ask-Select-Book : Discover and book events and things to do

Android Platform Web Platform

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