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Zoom.ai Chatbot


Automated virtual assistants for everyone in the workplace.

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9.5K 2 2

ChartURL Chatbot


Create image charts on the fly for web, mobile, emails and chatbots.

Android Platform Email Platform iOS Platform Slack Platform Web Platform

2.9K 0 2

Cinnamon Chatbot


Get automated help for your Github repo Issues!

Web Platform

2.2K 0 2

Copilot.AI Chatbot


AI Powered Live Chat

Web Platform

2.8K 0 2

Rainbird Chatbot


A Cognitive Reasoning platform that make BOTs smarter

Web Platform

2.0K 0 2

Image-charts Chatbot


Easiest way to embed charts in email or bot

Android Platform Email Platform iOS Platform Slack Platform Web Platform

2.3K 0 2

Albert  Chatbot


The platform to create your own virtual assistant

Web Platform

2.0K 0 2

Bot Connector by Recast.AI Chatbot

Bot Connector by Recast.AI

Your one API to connect bots to any channels

Web Platform

1.8K 0 2

spoonacular food bot Chatbot

spoonacular food bot

Your access to your world of food

Amazon Echo Platform Telegram Platform Web Platform

2.1K 0 2

Pitchbot Chatbot


Chat with Pitchbot to perfect your VC pitch in 10 minutes

Web Platform

1.9K 0 2

CSSRooster Chatbot


Bot that writes CSS classes for HTML with deep learning

Web Platform

1.7K 0 2

Ozz Chatbot


Make your chat bots smarter

Web Platform

1.7K 0 2