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My egghead - the digital course advisor Chatbot

My egghead - the digital course advisor

Discover interesting courses in Switzerland

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Now Assistant Chatbot

Now Assistant

Now Assistant is your smart assistant for work, ready to make your workday a breeze.

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Vedic Maths India Chatbot Chatbot

Vedic Maths India Chatbot

Learn Vedic Maths using smart AI enabled platform

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TEbot Chatbot


Big Data Advisor

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Amy Bot Chatbot

Amy Bot

Build your Human-Robot Team

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ALIS Chatbot


Empowering Human Life through Artificial Intelligence

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Helios Chatbot


Artificial Intelligence for Your Business

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Julie Chatbot


Your virtual girlfriend

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eXvisory Chatbot


Finds and fixes common problems with mobile phones and tablets

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Guestfriend Chatbot


A personalized chatbot for restaurants that builds itself in seconds.

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GoHire Chatbot


Customized Recruiting Chatbot to Acquire and Engage Candidates

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Scribobot Chatbot


Get interviewed for your own press release

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