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Pure instant messaging Chatbot

Complete Suite of Telegram Tools for Communities

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14.5K 2 10

PredictIter Chatbot


Notifies you about new markets created in PredictIt

Telegram Platform

3.9K 1 2

Imgur Bot Chatbot

Imgur Bot

Assists in uploading images to and checks your stats

Telegram Platform

3.9K 1 0

WorldWeatherBot Chatbot


Find out the weather in your city.

Telegram Platform

2.4K 0 1

Map Bot Chatbot

Map Bot

Receive maps and satellite imagery from every place on earth.

Telegram Platform

4.1K 2 1

Manualsbrain Bot Chatbot

Manualsbrain Bot

Free database of User Manuals, Owner Guides, Datasheets and Instructions

Telegram Platform

1.5K 0 0

TagAlertBot Chatbot


A place for your Telegram mentions

Telegram Platform

2.4K 0 1

GifHollywood Chatbot


Create animated gifs using emojis!

Telegram Platform

1.5K 0 0

Boterator Chatbot


Remove gifs, stickers and other from your chats.

Telegram Platform

2.9K 0 0

PS Store Pricealarm Chatbot

PS Store Pricealarm

Receive notifications for PS Store Updates

Telegram Platform

2.9K 0 0

MonitorBot Chatbot


We monitor your websites availability

Messenger Platform Telegram Platform

2.2K 0 0

Weight bot Chatbot

Weight bot

Monitor your weight, calculate body mass index and show stats

Telegram Platform

1.8K 0 0

Channels Chatbot


Collect all posts from your favorite Telegram channels

Telegram Platform

4.0K 0 2