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Pure instant messaging Chatbot

Complete Suite of Telegram Tools for Communities

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Bussy Chatbot


Bussy is your cat for searching bus tickets. Let's trip?

Telegram Platform

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AirTrack Chatbot


Telegram ‚Äč‚Äčbot for flight ‚Äčprice ‚Äčtracking

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Travelandro Chatbot


I will notify you when some cheap flights will be available from your country

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Estimate trip Chatbot

Estimate trip

Let friends know your arrival time!

Telegram Platform

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Map Bot Chatbot

Map Bot

Receive maps and satellite imagery from every place on earth.

Telegram Platform

5.2K 2 1

Car2Work Chatbot


Carpool to work!

Telegram Platform

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LibreTaxi Chatbot


Independent ride-sharing platform (Uber-like) for Telegram

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Botika Chatbot


No missing opportunity

Messenger Platform Telegram Platform LINE Platform

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Public Transport Bot Chatbot

Public Transport Bot

Providing you with public transportation connections.

Telegram Platform

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MeetPoint Chatbot


Explore places in the city and share them with friends

Telegram Platform

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Marina Alterra Chatbot

Marina Alterra

Virtual AI travel agent

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