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Pure instant messaging Chatbot

Complete Suite of Telegram Tools for Communities

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14.5K 2 10 Chatbot

AI-Enhanced Customer Service

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9.8K 1 5

Werewolf Moderator Chatbot

Werewolf Moderator

Can you find the werewolves before it's too late?

Telegram Platform

9.8K 0 2

Magellan Chatbot


Get cheap flight alerts for US residents in Messenger or Telegram

Messenger Platform Telegram Platform

9.7K 0 2

Quizarium Chatbot


A fast paced and addictive quiz game

Telegram Platform

9.6K 0 0

Collbet Chatbot


Personalized betting recommendations

Messenger Platform Telegram Platform

9.5K 1 1

Voicy Chatbot


Telegram bot that converts voice messages to text

Telegram Platform

9.5K 2 4

UoM Timetable Bot Chatbot

UoM Timetable Bot

Answers questions about the University of Manchester's timetable

Messenger Platform LINE Platform Telegram Platform Kik Platform

9.4K 0 0

GameBot Chatbot


Telegram's in-app gaming platform

Telegram Platform

9.4K 1 1

Lyrics bot Chatbot

Lyrics bot

Find the lyrics to the songs you want in a quick, and robust manner

Telegram Platform

9.4K 1 2

Kata Bersambung Chatbot

Kata Bersambung

Let's connect words

Telegram Platform

9.2K 0 0

Travelandro Chatbot


I will notify you when some cheap flights will be available from your country

Messenger Platform Telegram Platform

9.0K 0 1

Guggy Chatbot


Fun-up your messages instantly

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8.9K 2 3