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Pure instant messaging Chatbot

Complete Suite of Telegram Tools for Communities

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21.7K 2 11

Sift Bot Chatbot

Sift Bot

Search web, news, pics, youtube, dictionary, restaurants, live cricket scores, gifs, weather, Wikipedia.

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5.2K 5 3

TechCrunch Chatbot


Messenger Platform Telegram Platform

5.2K 0 3

Fundraising Bot Chatbot

Fundraising Bot

A quick access to a database of 3150 angel investors

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5.0K 0 3

Prompt Chatbot


SMS Platform Slack Platform Telegram Platform Kik Platform Web Platform

4.7K 1 1 Chatbot

Smart search assistant across your email, files, notes, and contacts from one place.

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4.6K 0 4

TodoTask_bot Chatbot


A very useful bot for tasks

Telegram Platform

4.4K 1 0

JobBot Chatbot


The Job Hunter Bot

Messenger Platform Telegram Platform

4.2K 1 5

ChannelBro Chatbot


Automate Channels and Groups on Telegram

Telegram Platform

4.2K 2 3

Cryptocurrency Alerting Chatbot

Cryptocurrency Alerting

Get notified when important crypto metrics change.

Discord Platform Email Platform Slack Platform SMS Platform Telegram Platform

4.1K 2 5

Swingmail Chatbot


Helping users manage all their mail, todos and calendars on Slack

Slack Platform Telegram Platform

4.0K 0 4

Splitty Chatbot


Fun and easy group expenses manager and bill splitter

Telegram Platform

3.7K 0 1

Combot Chatbot


The most advanced community management tool for Telegram.

Telegram Platform  Pro

3.6K 1 3