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Pure instant messaging Chatbot

Complete Suite of Telegram Tools for Communities

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OnlineBot Chatbot


Be notified when your machine is offline

Telegram Platform

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Push2Me Chatbot


Your personalised Telegram push notification

Telegram Platform

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Subscribe GitHub, npm, PyPI projects.

Skype Platform Slack Platform Telegram Platform

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GetFitBot Chatbot


Share your workouts. Stay motivated. Get fit.

Telegram Platform

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Chatty Barry Chatbot

Chatty Barry

Chat with a funny friendly bot and discover more about yourself

Telegram Platform

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SlackRobot Chatbot


A bot that can be taught to respond messages like you want.

Telegram Platform

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UAKursBot Chatbot


Currency exchange rates in Ukraine

Telegram Platform

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InstaGolos Chatbot


Mutual comments in Instagram

Telegram Platform

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ideerobot Chatbot


Stories from Overheard

Telegram Platform

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Achievement Calendar Chatbot

Achievement Calendar

Reminders of date specific Xbox achievements

Telegram Platform

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SunriseSunsetBot Chatbot


This bot sends you a message at sunrise and sunset, based on your location.

Telegram Platform

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Zombie Bank Bot Chatbot

Zombie Bank Bot

Tracks the financial performance of the banks

Telegram Platform

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