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Pure instant messaging Chatbot

Complete Suite of Telegram Tools for Communities

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18.1K 2 10

Pirate Bay Chatbot

Pirate Bay

Game #1 to earn money in Telegram

Telegram Platform

9.9K 1 3

WiniGames Chatbot


A collection of fascinating games

Telegram Platform

11.8K 1 1

Bastion Siege Chatbot

Bastion Siege

A multiplayer text strategy game

Telegram Platform

11.6K 1 1

Bingo bot Chatbot

Bingo bot

The first 75-ball bingo bot on Telegram

Telegram Platform

11.8K 1 1

HeXa Pokemon Chatbot

HeXa Pokemon

Hunt, catch, and battle with your Pokemon against friends.

Telegram Platform

14.1K 0 0

Dino Park Chatbot

Dino Park

Collect your own farm and earn real money!

Telegram Platform

11.6K 0 2

GAMEE Chatbot


Arcade and puzzle games with friends

Kik Platform Telegram Platform

11.8K 0 1

Werewolf Moderator Chatbot

Werewolf Moderator

Can you find the werewolves before it's too late?

Telegram Platform

11.1K 0 2

Quizarium Chatbot


A fast paced and addictive quiz game

Telegram Platform

11.8K 0 0

Dragon Islands RPG Chatbot

Dragon Islands RPG

Massively multiplayer online role-playing game bot for Telegram

Telegram Platform

11.8K 0 0

Quiz from Panda Chatbot

Quiz from Panda

More than 2000 questions, hints and rankings

Telegram Platform

9.6K 0 1

Kata Bersambung Chatbot

Kata Bersambung

Let's connect words

Telegram Platform

10.5K 0 0