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Pure instant messaging Chatbot

Complete Suite of Telegram Tools for Communities

Telegram Platform Sponsored  Pro

14.9K 2 10

Karmabot Chatbot


Set goals, track performance and reward excellence

Slack Platform Microsoft Teams Platform Telegram Platform

2.9K 0 4

TechCrunch Chatbot


Messenger Platform Telegram Platform

4.9K 0 3

Guggy Chatbot


Fun-up your messages instantly

Telegram Platform Kik Platform Slack Platform iMessage Platform Messenger Platform Viber Platform

9.0K 2 3

Concierge EventBot Chatbot

Concierge EventBot

Event app features in a text messaging experience

Messenger Platform Telegram Platform SMS Platform Web Platform

4.0K 0 3

Sift Bot Chatbot

Sift Bot

Search web, news, pics, youtube, dictionary, restaurants, live cricket scores, gifs, weather, Wikipedia.

Telegram Platform Messenger Platform Skype Platform

4.9K 5 3

Kit Chatbot


Your virtual employee. Kit can market your Shopify store.

Messenger Platform SMS Platform Telegram Platform

4.4K 0 3

Uber Chatbot


Order an Uber right from Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Slack.

Slack Platform Telegram Platform

17.0K 0 3

Mannu Finance Chatbot

Mannu Finance

Your Personal Financial Assistant

Telegram Platform

3.1K 0 3

icon8bot Chatbot


Icon8 is an AI enabled photo filters

Messenger Platform Telegram Platform

34.4K 1 3

Metagon Chatbot


A bot full of fun and utility features

Telegram Platform Kik Platform Skype Platform Slack Platform Microsoft Teams Platform LINE Platform

7.6K 1 3 Chatbot

Create beautiful surveys and collect data on Telegram

Telegram Platform Messenger Platform

2.7K 0 3 Chatbot

Shorten URLs for easier sharing

Messenger Platform Telegram Platform Web Platform

2.4K 1 3