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Pure instant messaging Chatbot

Complete Suite of Telegram Tools for Communities

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MyIDBot Chatbot


Returns your or your group's Telegram ID.

Telegram Platform

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Book Flights Chatbot

Book Flights

Find the flights that suit you best on Telegram

Telegram Platform

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Weatherman Chatbot


Shows weather in your city on Telegram

Telegram Platform

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Lingio Translate Chatbot

Lingio Translate

A fun translation bot for Messenger, Telegram & more

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RandomBot Chatbot


Generate numbers, passwords, GUID, choose random element, shuffle list of elements.

Telegram Platform

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You2mp3bot Chatbot


Convert a Youtube video to Mp3.

Telegram Platform

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Bing Image Bot Chatbot

Bing Image Bot

Search the web for the latest news using Bing.

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Stock Pro Chatbot

Stock Pro

Stock Pro is finance bot that helps you to be on top of stock market trends.

Telegram Platform

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ProductHunt Generator Chatbot

ProductHunt Generator

Deep learning + PH = Bot that generates Erlich-like ideas

Messenger Platform Telegram Platform

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Evernote Bot Chatbot

Evernote Bot

Unofficial Evernote Chatbot

Telegram Platform

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SolveKaro Chatbot


Melodramatic Math Solver

Messenger Platform Telegram Platform

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Tip Calculator Chatbot

Tip Calculator

Tipping is good!

Telegram Platform

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