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Rick and Morty Chatbot

Rick and Morty

This bot provides the best content from the awesome TV show Rick and Morty!

Telegram Platform

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Spotybot Chatbot


Listen to your favorite music, read the lyrics and share it!

Telegram Platform

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Minesweeper Chatbot


Minesweeper game bot for Telegram.

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Riddler Chatbot


Riddler asks you riddles and logic problems, helps you out with clues and validates your natural language answers.

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Game of Thrones: Alive or Dead Chatbot

Game of Thrones: Alive or Dead

Be the first in the world ranking of fans of the series "Game of Thrones"

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GosuObs Chatbot


Companion bot for any public Dota 2 game.

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You2mp3bot Chatbot


Convert a Youtube video to Mp3.

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Bricks Bot Chatbot

Bricks Bot

Find price, description and more off your favorite LEGO sets.

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Movie Adviser Chatbot

Movie Adviser

What Movie Should I Watch Tonight?

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CashGame Chatbot


First ever online casino in telegram bot

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SnackyBot Chatbot


Snacky is an bot with entertainment channels with daily updates.

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Strawberry Logic Chatbot

Strawberry Logic

The simple logic game. Can you not eat a spoiled strawberry?

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