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The most widely used data application

BLiP Chatbot


Platform to build, run and evolve chatbots

Email Platform Messenger Platform Skype Platform SMS Platform Telegram Platform Build A Bot

20.0K 0 0

Guestfriend Chatbot


A personalized chatbot for restaurants that builds itself in seconds.

Messenger Platform SMS Platform Web Platform Build A Bot +1

12.7K 0 0

GoHire Chatbot


Customized Recruiting Chatbot to Acquire and Engage Candidates

Messenger Platform SMS Platform Web Platform HR

9.5K 0 0

botsplash Chatbot


Engage your customers over chat platforms

Messenger Platform Web Platform Email Platform SMS Platform Communication +1

9.3K 0 0

Smartly AI Chatbot

Smartly AI

Easily create and deploy conversational apps everywhere

Amazon Echo Platform Google Assistant Platform Messenger Platform Slack Platform SMS Platform Twitter Platform Web Platform Build A Bot

8.6K 0 2

BreachBot Chatbot


Get basic online security tips and learn what steps you can take to safeguard your identity after major breaches like Equifax.

Messenger Platform SMS Platform Security +1

9.9K 1 5

Botmock Chatbot


Create conversation flows & interactive prototypes for your chatbot

Amazon Echo Platform Messenger Platform Google Assistant Platform SMS Platform Design +2

1.1K 0 2

SMS Shield Chatbot

SMS Shield

Machine Learning-based SMS spam filter for iOS 11

SMS Platform Security +1

770 0 0

Text FOOD Chatbot


Find social service resources anywhere in the US

Messenger Platform SMS Platform Food & Drink +1

3.0K 0 1

Me Chatbot


Tiv (Me) is your friendly personal assistant, powered by AI

Amazon Echo Platform Email Platform Messenger Platform SMS Platform Telegram Platform Productivity +1

58.3K 34 98

HungryText Chatbot


Accepting customer orders has never been easier

Messenger Platform Skype Platform Slack Platform SMS Platform Web Platform Food & Drink

1.4K 0 0

Sanctuary3 Chatbot


Free Daily Horoscopes - It's like have a psychic in your pocket.

Messenger Platform SMS Platform Personal

1.5K 0 1