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Slacker Chatbot


Post funny replies to Slack as your favorite characters

Slack Platform

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SlackIt Chatbot


A bookmarklet to share links in Slack with one click

Slack Platform

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Phonebot Chatbot


Make phone calls from within a Slack channel

Slack Platform

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Slackbox Chatbot


Spotify playlist collaboration through Slack

Slack Platform

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Invision Chatbot


Streamline your design collaboration by sending your prototype directly to Slack

Slack Platform

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Product Slack Chatbot

Product Slack

The daily top hunts on Product Hunt, delivered to your Slack

Slack Platform

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Nestor Chatbot


Your programmable bot for Slack

Slack Platform

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Slack Overflow Chatbot

Slack Overflow

A programmer's best friend, now in Slack.

Slack Platform

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Smooch Chatbot


Enabling Messaging for Businesses

Slack Platform Android Platform Email Platform iOS Platform Telegram Platform Web Platform

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Notify Chatbot


Get notified in Slack when your startup is mentioned online

Slack Platform

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Order a meal for your team in Slack, powered by Large

Slack Platform

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Large Chatbot


On-demand Slack bot that can get you anything for the office

Slack Platform

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