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Notify Chatbot


Get notified in Slack when your startup is mentioned online

Slack Platform

3.2K 1 0 Chatbot

Order a meal for your team in Slack, powered by Large

Slack Platform

1.7K 0 0

Large Chatbot


On-demand Slack bot that can get you anything for the office

Slack Platform

2.2K 0 0

Meekan Chatbot


Your Slack team's scheduling robot assistant

Slack Platform Microsoft Teams Platform

2.7K 0 0

Awesome PA Chatbot

Awesome PA

On-demand personal assistant over Slack & SMS

SMS Platform Slack Platform Messenger Platform

3.4K 0 0

Figma Chatbot


The collaborative interface design tool

Slack Platform

2.3K 0 0

Workbot Chatbot


Eliminate app hoping and integrate all your cloud apps right from Teams.

Slack Platform Microsoft Teams Platform

4.7K 0 3

Uber Chatbot


Order an Uber right from Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Slack.

Slack Platform Telegram Platform

15.5K 0 3

Assist Chatbot


Assist powers businesses on messaging.

SMS Platform Slack Platform Telegram Platform Messenger Platform

23.4K 0 1 Chatbot

Personal assistant who schedules meetings for you

Email Platform Slack Platform

5.8K 1 1