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On a mission to make your working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive.

Ver.bot Chatbot


Subscribe GitHub, npm, PyPI projects.

Skype Platform Slack Platform Telegram Platform

769 0 1

IdeaKeep Chatbot


Idea management Slack bot

Slack Platform

715 0 1

Flow.ai Chatbot


The conversational AI toolkit

Messenger Platform Slack Platform Web Platform

11.1K 0 2

Kono, the New AI Scheduling Assistant Chatbot

Kono, the New AI Scheduling Assistant

The AI powered scheduler at work

Email Platform Slack Platform

886 1 1

Spoke Chatbot


A simpler, smarter way to manage workplace requests.

Slack Platform

1.2K 0 0

Jukebot Chatbot


Turn Slack into your team's very own Spotify jukebox

Slack Platform

893 0 1

ICO Watchdog Chatbot

ICO Watchdog

Real-Time Cryptocurrency Alerts for Slack Teams

Slack Platform Messenger Platform

5.6K 2 3

Any.do Chatbot


Keep track of tasks and projects with Any.do, the simplest most powerful app for getting things done!

Slack Platform

776 0 0

Integromat Chatbot


Integromat will connect the apps, services and devices you use into functional scenarios and allow you to get rid of repetitive tasks.

Slack Platform

705 0 1

MiserBot Chatbot


I help your team save money on AWS

Slack Platform

794 0 0

Alertly Chatbot


Helping you to stay updated on JIRA Issues with Automated Events

Slack Platform  Pro

759 0 0

Butter.ai Chatbot


Smart, secure way for your teammates to search across work apps

Slack Platform

936 0 0