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Sway Finance Chatbot

Sway Finance

Sway reports your company's revenues, expenses, and bank balances.

Slack Platform

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LydiaBot Chatbot


Collect and send money as you chat

Slack Platform

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Zoho Expense Chatbot

Zoho Expense

Expense reports the easy way.

Slack Platform

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ZipBooks Chatbot


Invoicing and accounting software for consultants and small businesses

Slack Platform

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JustReply Chatbot


Simple time tracking for teams

Slack Platform

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IQBoxy Expenses Chatbot

IQBoxy Expenses

Intelligent expense management. Snap receipts, generate expense reports

Slack Platform

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Biztera Chatbot


Create, share and track approval requests

Slack Platform

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Stripe Chatbot


Web and mobile payments, built for developers

Slack Platform Messenger Platform

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Workbot Chatbot


Eliminate app hoping and integrate all your cloud apps right from Teams.

Slack Platform Microsoft Teams Platform

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