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PM Bot Chatbot

PM Bot

PM Bot creates well-structured product stories, fast.

Slack Platform

2.3K 0 2

Botpress Chatbot


The wordpress of bots

Messenger Platform Slack Platform

7.5K 0 9

SSH Client Bot Chatbot

SSH Client Bot

The new way of managing your servers

Slack Platform

3.2K 0 0

Rubber Duck Chatbot

Rubber Duck

Precise answers you need in order to move on quickly with your project

Slack Platform

4.7K 0 2

Walterbot Chatbot


Keeping you updated with the builds that you care about

Slack Platform

1.8K 0 0

OpsGenie Chatbot


Alerts from your IT monitoring tool to notify you in Slack

Slack Platform

1.9K 0 1

CadenceBot Chatbot


Code reviews made simple

Slack Platform

2.0K 0 3

Hitch API assistant Chatbot

Hitch API assistant

Your automated API support with a slack bot

Slack Platform

1.9K 0 1

ChartURL Chatbot


Create image charts on the fly for web, mobile, emails and chatbots.

Android Platform Email Platform iOS Platform Slack Platform Web Platform

3.4K 0 2

bCRM Chatbot


CRM with Campaign Management for Bots

Messenger Platform Slack Platform

4.5K 5 6

Codefresh Chatbot


A continuous delivery and collaboration platform for Docker

Slack Platform

1.8K 0 0

ProtoBot Chatbot


A simple bot for prototyping and demoing bot capabilities

Slack Platform

1.9K 0 1