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The Decider Chatbot

The Decider

Decider better together

Slack Platform

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Stocky Chatbot


Giphy but with stock photos

Slack Platform

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Design Hunt Chatbot

Design Hunt

Endless amount of inspiration inside your Slack channel

Slack Platform

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designernewsbot Chatbot


An app to easily enable @designernewsbot through BeepBoop

Slack Platform

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Shido Chatbot


Gets your tasks done in under 4 hours

Slack Platform

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Cody Bot Chatbot

Cody Bot

Discuss design in a visual way without leaving Slack

Slack Platform

2.7K 0 2

Lucidchart Chatbot


Slack Platform

2.8K 0 1 Chatbot

Find beautiful free stock photos from Unsplash in Slack

Slack Platform

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Ghost Inspector Chatbot

Ghost Inspector

Automated UI testing and monitoring

Slack Platform

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99Designs Tasks Chatbot

99Designs Tasks

Graphic design tasks completed from Slack

Slack Platform

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Trackduck Chatbot


Visual feedback & bug tracking, from web to Slack

Slack Platform

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Zeplin Chatbot


Collaboration & handoff for UI designers/frontend developers

Slack Platform

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