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The Decider Chatbot

The Decider

Decider better together

Slack Platform  Pro

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Now Assistant Chatbot

Now Assistant

Now Assistant is your smart assistant for work, ready to make your workday a breeze.

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HROnBot Chatbot


A simple yet powerful HR management tool for Slack

Slack Platform

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PublLinkBot Chatbot


Anonymous feedback

Telegram Platform Slack Platform

1.3K 1 1

Kipwise Chatbot


Save ? and annotate ✍️ shared articles seamlessly

Slack Platform

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Stickeroid Ai Chatbot

Stickeroid Ai

Every word can be a Sticker

Slack Platform Telegram Platform

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Raiya Chatbot


Reminders from a bot that speaks human.

Slack Platform

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Atori Chatbot

Atori For sale

AI bot that finds your code buddy in Slack

Slack Platform

2.9K 1 2

Roundee Chatbot


Create, collaborate, save and retrieve your online conference with no hassle

Slack Platform

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Botnik Chatbot


Building empathy and transparency so your team can do its best work.

Slack Platform

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IdeaKeep Chatbot


Idea management Slack bot

Slack Platform

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NomBot Chatbot


Capture customer feedback and ideas without leaving Slack

Slack Platform

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