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Seen Chatbot


Locate a team member using their last social media activity

Slack Platform

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Donut Chatbot


Get matched with a new coffee buddy each week in Slack

Slack Platform

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Standuply Chatbot


Run daily standup meetings and track your metrics in Slack

Slack Platform

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Icebreakers Chatbot


Learn fun facts about your coworkers!

Slack Platform

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Meeting Bot Chatbot

Meeting Bot

Stop wasting time trying to schedule meetings.

Slack Platform

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CakeHR Chatbot


Download CakeHR’s new SlackBot to Increase Your Employee Time-off Efficiency

Slack Platform

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Captain Feedback Chatbot

Captain Feedback

Continuous improvement for teams seeking to raise the bar!

Slack Platform

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Payant Chatbot


A fast and easy way of making invoices and fund transfers

Messenger Platform Skype Platform Slack Platform

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HR Partner Bot Assistant Chatbot

HR Partner Bot Assistant

See who is on leave and get reminders for HR Partner

Slack Platform

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HourStack Chatbot


Slack Platform

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Envoy Chatbot


Modern visitor registration for iPad

Slack Platform

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Cloze Chatbot


Relationship Management, Inbox, and Contacts in One App

Slack Platform

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