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Suggestion Sam Chatbot

Suggestion Sam

A modern day Slack suggestion box for your team and customers

Slack Platform

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Bold Chatbot


An internal blog for your team's knowledge and big ideas

Slack Platform

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Happster Feedback Chatbot

Happster Feedback

Share ideas, empower your team

Slack Platform

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VacationBot Chatbot


The simplest, all-you-need Slackbot for vacation reminders

Slack Platform

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Crema Coffee Chatbot

Crema Coffee

Slack-integrated coffee subscription for teams

Slack Platform

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Trata Chatbot


Collaborative projects and tasks management for Slack

Slack Platform

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Busyon Chatbot


Filter posts from Slack

Slack Platform

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Steer Chatbot


Team Management On Autopilot

Slack Platform

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HROnBot Chatbot


A simple yet powerful HR management tool for Slack

Slack Platform

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SoapBox Chatbot


A bot for one-on-ones and team meetings

Microsoft Teams Platform Slack Platform

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checkt Chatbot


Easily manage shared resources like staging servers.

Slack Platform

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The Decider Chatbot

The Decider

Decider better together

Slack Platform

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