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Boundary Chatbot


Real-time server and app monitoring for DevOps

Slack Platform

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Cloud 66 Chatbot

Cloud 66

DevOps as a service

Slack Platform

1.7K 0 0

Bitium Chatbot


Application and asset management for teams

Slack Platform

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Ghost Inspector Chatbot

Ghost Inspector

Automated UI testing and monitoring

Slack Platform

2.2K 0 0

Buildkite Chatbot


Secure and flexible continuous integration

Slack Platform

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Rainforest QA Chatbot

Rainforest QA

Insanely simple integration testing

Slack Platform

1.6K 0 0 Chatbot

Simple and inexpensive website monitoring

Slack Platform

2.3K 0 0

Bugbot Chatbot


Use GitHub Issues in Slack

Slack Platform

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WakaTime Chatbot


See how long each commit takes, right inside slack

Slack Platform

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HackerOne Chatbot


Security Response & Bug Bounty Platform

Slack Platform

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Dead Man's Snitch Chatbot

Dead Man's Snitch

Dead simple monitoring for periodic tasks like backups and payments

Slack Platform

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Opsmatic Chatbot


Real-time server configuration monitoring

Slack Platform

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