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Sauce Labs Chatbot

Sauce Labs

Cloud-based platform for automated testing of web and mobile applications

Slack Platform

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SendPulse Chatbot


Send email and free web push campaigns and more without leaving Slack.

Slack Platform

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Integromat Chatbot


Integromat will connect the apps, services and devices you use into functional scenarios and allow you to get rid of repetitive tasks.

Slack Platform

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checkt Chatbot


Easily manage shared resources like staging servers.

Slack Platform

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Airbrake Chatbot


Error monitoring and handling

Slack Platform

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Raygun Chatbot


Automatic error and crash reporting

Slack Platform

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AppSignal Chatbot


Detailed metrics for Ruby on Rails apps

Slack Platform

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MiserBot Chatbot


I help your team save money on AWS

Slack Platform

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A Cloud Guru Bot Chatbot

A Cloud Guru Bot

Learn the Cloud as a team

Slack Platform

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