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KpiRocket Chatbot


Slack bot for Google Analytics KPI

Slack Platform

1.9K 0 2

DataFox Alerts Chatbot

DataFox Alerts

Real-time news alerts when your prospects reach key milestones

Slack Platform

2.1K 1 0

Guerilla Chatbot


Analyze your competitors' audience with AI

Slack Platform

2.1K 0 2

Amplitude Chatbot


Preview Amplitude data directly in Slack

Slack Platform

2.3K 1 0

Sisense Chatbot


Simplifying business intelligence for complex data

Slack Platform Messenger Platform Skype Platform Telegram Platform Web Platform

3.5K 0 1

OnDMARC Chatbot


Actively block phishing attacks and increase email deliverability with OnDMARC

Slack Platform

4.3K 0 0

slalert Chatbot


Get notified in Slack when your company/keyword is mentioned

Slack Platform

2.4K 0 1

Content Tracker Chatbot

Content Tracker

A content marketing dashboard with timely Slack notification

Slack Platform

2.0K 0 1

AddThis Share Chatbot

AddThis Share

Easiest way to get your site shared to Slack

Slack Platform

1.8K 0 1

Monkey Test It Chatbot

Monkey Test It

Trigger automated monkey tests of your website

Slack Platform

3.2K 0 0

Bintel Chatbot


Business Intelligence Bot for Slack

Slack Platform

1.7K 0 1

Janis Chatbot


An AI-powered analyst for chatbot developers

Slack Platform

2.0K 0 1