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Travis CI Chatbot

Travis CI

Test and Deploy with Confidence

Slack Platform Telegram Platform

2.7K 0 3

Workbot Chatbot


Eliminate app hoping and integrate all your cloud apps right from Teams.

Slack Platform Microsoft Teams Platform

4.9K 0 3

Yodel Chatbot


Slack Platform

2.4K 0 3

Howdy Chatbot


Automate repetitive tasks so you can do the real work

Slack Platform

4.2K 0 3

GameMonk Chatbot


Teams that play hard together work hard together.

Slack Platform

2.7K 2 3

Skylar Chatbot


Stay on top of your tasks at your workplace

Messenger Platform Slack Platform

3.4K 0 3

Fatherly's Dad Joke Chatbot

Fatherly's Dad Joke

A never-ending supply of punchlines in Slack & Messenger

Messenger Platform Slack Platform SMS Platform

6.9K 1 3

Guggy Chatbot


Fun-up your messages instantly

Telegram Platform Kik Platform Slack Platform iMessage Platform Messenger Platform Viber Platform

8.7K 2 3 Chatbot

The chatbot assistant for digital advertisers

Messenger Platform Slack Platform

3.6K 2 3

Grasp Chatbot


Your personal research assistant

Slack Platform

1.7K 0 3

Uber Chatbot


Order an Uber right from Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Slack.

Slack Platform Telegram Platform

16.5K 0 3

MailClark Chatbot


Your team’s bot for external communications.

Slack Platform Microsoft Teams Platform

2.9K 0 3