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Product Slack Chatbot

Product Slack

The daily top hunts on Product Hunt, delivered to your Slack

Slack Platform

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Slacker Chatbot


Post funny replies to Slack as your favorite characters

Slack Platform

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Plus Plus++ Chatbot

Plus Plus++

Show your friends some love

Slack Platform

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Slack Poker Bot Chatbot

Slack Poker Bot

A bot that turns Slack into a Texas Hold'em client

Slack Platform

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Slack Hacker News Chatbot

Slack Hacker News

Read Hacker News right from Slack

Slack Platform

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Make it Rain Chatbot

Make it Rain

Random gifs when you get paid via Stripe

Slack Platform

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Dribbble Chatbot


Show shots by designers on Dribbble

Slack Platform Microsoft Teams Platform

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Relcy Chatbot


The fastest way to find anything

Slack Platform

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Bonusly Chatbot


Reward employees effortlessly

Slack Platform

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RightGIF Chatbot


Less noise, better GIFs. A better /giphy for Slack.

Slack Platform

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Ideabot Chatbot


Save, search, and discuss ideas with your team

Slack Platform

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Tap My Back Chatbot

Tap My Back

Build stronger teams with public recognition

Slack Platform

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