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Payant Chatbot


A fast and easy way of making invoices and fund transfers

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Crema Coffee Chatbot

Crema Coffee

Slack-integrated coffee subscription for teams

Slack Platform

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UPDA Chatbot


A daily goal management software for teams

Slack Platform

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Happierco Chatbot


Improve team performance and engagement

Slack Platform

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DailyBot Chatbot


Automate daily stand-ups, retrospectives and check-ins.

Slack Platform

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Plop Chatbot


Casual corporate game to get to know your coworkers

Slack Platform

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LeaveBoard Chatbot


Simple staff leave management for smart teams

Slack Platform

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Small Improvements Chatbot

Small Improvements

Performance Feedback That Helps Employees Grow and Succeed.

Slack Platform

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Slack Secret Santa Chatbot

Slack Secret Santa

Throw a Secret Santa with your Slack team!

Slack Platform

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Kono, the New AI Scheduling Assistant Chatbot

Kono, the New AI Scheduling Assistant

The AI powered scheduler at work

Email Platform Slack Platform

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checkt Chatbot


Easily manage shared resources like staging servers.

Slack Platform

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Avatier Apollo Chatbot

Avatier Apollo

The World’s First Workforce & Customer Service Automation AI

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