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Fetch Chatbot


Real-time insights about every new sign up. No coding required!

Slack Platform

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Attentive Chatbot


Instant alerts about the companies you care about

Slack Platform

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Glance Chatbot


Stay up to date with all your online metrics. In one place.

Slack Platform

2.1K 2 1

FileDir Chatbot


More than 4,000,000 apps and 4,000 discounts!

Slack Platform

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Botler Chat Chatbot

Botler Chat

Chatbot Builder & Bot Creation Marketplace

iOS Platform Messenger Platform Slack Platform Android Platform Web Platform

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Reveal Chatbot


Manage your Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns from Slack

Slack Platform

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skillz Chatbot


4mn of Growth hacking tips delivered every day on Slack

Slack Platform

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ASOdesk Chatbot


Improve your app visibility in the App Store and Google Play

Slack Platform

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Shido Chatbot


Gets your tasks done in under 4 hours

Slack Platform

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Little Birdie Chatbot

Little Birdie

Get a Slack message when you're mentioned on HN or Reddit

Slack Platform

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Push For Slack Chatbot

Push For Slack

Subscribe to any topic and get major news updates on it as they happen

Slack Platform

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Advocately Chatbot


Get notified in Slack when your company gets an online review.

Slack Platform

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