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GrowthBot Chatbot


All-in-one chatbot for marketing and sales

Messenger Platform Slack Platform Twitter Platform  Pro

47.3K 5 21

SummarizeBot Chatbot


Extracts the most important information, keywords and keyphrases from weblinks, documents, audio files and images. Just share your links or files with the bot!

Messenger Platform Slack Platform

14.8K 5 20 Chatbot

Cash in on the Conversation

Messenger Platform Slack Platform Discord Platform Telegram Platform

4.9K 5 11

Revere Chatbot


Alerts and reports for AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Google Analytics and Optimizely

Slack Platform

2.5K 0 8

Statsbot Chatbot


Google Analytics bot for Slack

Slack Platform Microsoft Teams Platform

9.1K 3 6

bCRM Chatbot


CRM with Campaign Management for Bots

Messenger Platform Slack Platform

4.4K 5 6

Troops Chatbot


The Slackbot for Sales Teams

Slack Platform

6.3K 3 5

Rocco Chatbot


Your social-media marketing assistant on Slack

Slack Platform

3.3K 0 5 Chatbot

The chatbot assistant for digital advertisers

Messenger Platform Slack Platform

4.0K 2 3

Yala Chatbot


A chatbot that knows the best time to post to social networks

Slack Platform Messenger Platform

2.7K 0 3

GrowthBot Chatbot


Giving mobile marketers superpowers

Slack Platform

2.7K 0 3 Chatbot

Woobot connects your teams with their important Salesforce data so they can get things done.

Slack Platform Microsoft Teams Platform  Pro

4.3K 0 3