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Magnum CI Chatbot

Magnum CI

Hosted continuous integration and delivery

Slack Platform

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Okta Chatbot


Cloud based identity and mobility management platform

Slack Platform

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Scanbot Chatbot


Document scanner for iOS and Android

Slack Platform

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Slackcat Chatbot


Post command line output directly to Slack.

Slack Platform

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Nextup Jira Chatbot

Nextup Jira

Real time info from JIRA tickets in Slack

Slack Platform

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SyntaxBot Chatbot


Look up programming syntax

Slack Platform

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Repo Info Chatbot

Repo Info

Health Check for Github Libraries

Slack Platform

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Codefresh Chatbot


A continuous delivery and collaboration platform for Docker

Slack Platform

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Walterbot Chatbot


Keeping you updated with the builds that you care about

Slack Platform

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SSH Client Bot Chatbot

SSH Client Bot

The new way of managing your servers

Slack Platform

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GorillaStack Chatbot


AWS CloudTrail Listener

Slack Platform

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Sauce Labs Chatbot

Sauce Labs

Cloud-based platform for automated testing of web and mobile applications

Slack Platform

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