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Skype is for doing things together, whenever you’re apart. Chatbot

Achieve more in less time

Messenger Platform Skype Platform

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Heston Bot Chatbot

Heston Bot

Get cooking tips, flavour pairings and anecdotes from the chef

Skype Platform

2.8K 0 1

Emoj Chatbot


Add emotional intelligence to your bot

Messenger Platform Skype Platform Web Platform

2.8K 0 1

Ophi Chatbot


Your personal assistant for productivity

Kik Platform Messenger Platform Skype Platform Slack Platform

3.0K 0 1

Skype Web Control Chatbot

Skype Web Control

Embed Skype chat onto any website with only 2 lines of code

Skype Platform Web Platform

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Hello Stranger! 2 Chatbot

Hello Stranger! 2

The text game quest for Skype

Skype Platform

3.5K 0 0

Bing Image Bot Chatbot

Bing Image Bot

Search the web for the latest news using Bing.

Telegram Platform Skype Platform

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Foursquare Chatbot


Help You Find Places You'll Love, Anywhere In The World.

Slack Platform Skype Platform

3.5K 1 1

SI x GameOn Olympics Bot Chatbot

SI x GameOn Olympics Bot

Get unparalleled coverage of the Rio Summer Games

Messenger Platform Slack Platform Telegram Platform Skype Platform

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Getty Images bot Chatbot

Getty Images bot

Search through one of the world's largest databases of stock photography

Skype Platform

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RemitRadar Chatbot


Artificial Intelligence remittance assistant chatbot

Skype Platform

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Cardea Chatbot


Your personal medical aid on Skype

Skype Platform

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