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Messenger is the best way to communicate with all the people and businesses in the world.

Minerva Bot Chatbot

Minerva Bot

Conversational way to find out what courses are available at McGill

Messenger Platform

2.7K 0 1

Hooks Bot Chatbot

Hooks Bot

Easiest way to stay up to date on anything through Messenger

Messenger Platform Kik Platform Telegram Platform

3.3K 1 2

Trivia Blast Chatbot

Trivia Blast

Who will be the First Worldwide Ultimate Trivia Master?

Messenger Platform Kik Platform

13.0K 0 0

JOBmehappy Chatbot


Search for Jobs direct in the Facebook Messenger

Messenger Platform Web Platform

2.4K 0 2

Lone Peak Ranch Chatbot

Lone Peak Ranch

Wills clash and attraction abounds between a rancher and horse trainer.

Messenger Platform

2.0K 0 0

Bible Verses Chatbot

Bible Verses

Bible verses, psalms and other things related to the bible.

Messenger Platform

6.3K 0 0

Cutting Edge Chatbot

Cutting Edge

Help your BFF

Messenger Platform

2.5K 0 0

ShoppingBot Chatbot


Find eBay items you can buy, using natural language.

Messenger Platform Telegram Platform

2.6K 0 0

FML Bot Chatbot


Funny, real-life FML stories

Messenger Platform

2.6K 0 0

Tasteful Chatbot


Tasteful is a healthy food and restaurants discovery bot

Android Platform Messenger Platform iOS Platform

3.4K 0 0

Concierge EventBot Chatbot

Concierge EventBot

Event app features in a text messaging experience

Messenger Platform Telegram Platform SMS Platform Web Platform

4.3K 0 3

Joy the Life Coach	 Chatbot

Joy the Life Coach

An AI Life Coach designed to help people stay more centered

Messenger Platform

3.5K 0 1