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Messenger is the best way to communicate with all the people and businesses in the world.

Pasos Fronterizos Chatbot

Pasos Fronterizos

Find updated travel statuses for Argentina, Chile, and Brasil

Messenger Platform

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Postcard Bot Chatbot

Postcard Bot

Send a postcard using SMS or Messenger

Messenger Platform SMS Platform

4.4K 1 4

Herman Chatbot


Awesome city guides (Beta)

Messenger Platform

2.6K 0 1

Grindbase Chatbot


Find a coworking space based on your location

Messenger Platform

2.5K 0 2

Refugio Chatbot


Germany welcomes refugees and Refugio helps them settle in

Messenger Platform

2.5K 2 1

Schlouk Map Chatbot

Schlouk Map

Easily find a bar in Strasbourg, France

Messenger Platform

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Ask The Pilots Chatbot

Ask The Pilots

Charlie & Chuck the pilots are here to answer your questions

Messenger Platform

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NYC Buses Chatbot

NYC Buses

Bus info in a New York minute.

Messenger Platform

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AirFi Chatbot


Find WiFi password at airports

Messenger Platform

2.9K 0 2

Pia Chatbot


Delivering useful content and services on messaging apps - starting in Kenya

Messenger Platform

3.0K 0 1

British Airways Chatbot

British Airways

A fun way to find holiday destinations

Messenger Platform

4.1K 0 1

Botika Chatbot


No missing opportunity

Messenger Platform Telegram Platform LINE Platform

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