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Messenger is the best way to communicate with all the people and businesses in the world.

LeYa Chatbot


Bot makes suggestion of subtitles for your photos.

Messenger Platform

8.6K 0 1

Rewardy Chatbot


Discover Awesome Apps. Earn Cash Rewards.

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10.9K 5 7

LouerAgile Chatbot


Easily find a home in Paris

Messenger Platform

7.4K 0 0

SalatBot Chatbot


It gives notification when its time to pray for Muslims.

Messenger Platform

7.1K 1 0

Al Mualim Chatbot

Al Mualim

a virtual assistant that can help you find du'a, hadith, and quran verses

Messenger Platform

8.3K 0 0 Chatbot

Hey! I’m Votey. Your social voting friend.

Messenger Platform

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Izo Chatbot


Personal Astrology and Numerologist

Messenger Platform Web Platform

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Happiness Messages Chatbot

Happiness Messages

Send happiness messages

Messenger Platform

18.4K 0 3

Collbet Chatbot


Personalized betting recommendations

Messenger Platform Telegram Platform

9.8K 1 1

Salmo Tribe Chatbot

Salmo Tribe

Are you a trout junkie?

Messenger Platform

7.4K 0 0

SEB - the Social Enterprises Bot Chatbot

SEB - the Social Enterprises Bot

Discover and connect with social enterprises in the UK

Messenger Platform

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Black Dot Chatbot

Black Dot

I'm Black Dot da Black Business Bot...

Messenger Platform

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