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Messenger is the best way to communicate with all the people and businesses in the world.

Bev Chatbot


Easily land on a budget for your wedding flowers.

Messenger Platform

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Real Life Christian Communities Chatbot

Real Life Christian Communities

Helping you experience real life in Christ together with others

Messenger Platform

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Aroundme Chatbot


AroundMe helps you quickly find events in your area

Messenger Platform

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Energy Optimism Chatbot

Energy Optimism

Received very beautiful optimism messages

Messenger Platform

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إبتسم • Smile Chatbot

إبتسم • Smile

Motivational speaker

Messenger Platform

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Skin Care by cannabis Chatbot

Skin Care by cannabis

Skin Care advisor

Messenger Platform

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Hinduism Quote Bot Chatbot

Hinduism Quote Bot

Clear your mind and focus with a daily quote

Messenger Platform

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Quranic Messages Bot Chatbot

Quranic Messages Bot

Received very beautiful Quranic messages on Messenger

Messenger Platform

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Gaia Chatbot


The right way to parenthood

Messenger Platform

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Accountability Buddy Chatbot

Accountability Buddy

Get help to achieve your life goals, and just about anything.

Messenger Platform

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Daily Horoscope Chatbot

Daily Horoscope

Get a free daily horoscope

Messenger Platform

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Instawell Chatbot


Instawell is a marketplace for premium chats with mental health professionals.

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