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Maya, a horoscope bot Chatbot

Maya, a horoscope bot

Bot that forecasts your future

Messenger Platform

7.2K 0 0

Rytrack Bot Chatbot

Rytrack Bot

Early Intervention Bot for young people and those who support them

Messenger Platform

8.9K 0 1

My friend Rupert Chatbot

My friend Rupert

The A.I friend helping child, teen and young adult victims of bullying

Messenger Platform

14.0K 0 1

Lustr Stylist Chatbot Chatbot

Lustr Stylist Chatbot

The cheeky virtual stylist chatbot that curates fashion & gifts that suit your style

Messenger Platform

16.6K 0 0

Arete Chatbot


We help future winners to track their goals and inspire in times of need.

Messenger Platform

17.1K 0 0

Holly the Christmas Chatbot Chatbot

Holly the Christmas Chatbot

Spreading Christmas Cheer through jokes, quotes, and trivia

Messenger Platform

9.0K 1 0

Gadget Geeks Chatbot

Gadget Geeks

Bot For Tech Enthusiasts

Messenger Platform

9.0K 0 1

Astrology and daily Horoscope! Chatbot

Astrology and daily Horoscope!

Learn who is your perfect astrological match, more about yourself, and your zodiac sign!

Messenger Platform

9.1K 0 0

LoveBot Chatbot


LoveBot will help you to find the next date.

Messenger Platform

10.8K 2 1

Little things love Chatbot

Little things love

Daily messages to develop that special relationship

Messenger Platform

8.1K 0 0

Santa Bot Chatbot

Santa Bot

Send your wishes to Santa and he'll make it a reality

Messenger Platform

7.9K 0 0

Wolli Chatbot


Tickete Bot for prizes

Messenger Platform

8.2K 2 1