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Messenger is the best way to communicate with all the people and businesses in the world.

ICO Watchdog Chatbot

ICO Watchdog

Real-Time Cryptocurrency Alerts for Slack Teams

Slack Platform Messenger Platform

6.9K 2 4

CryptoGirl Chatbot


Buy Cryptocurrency Products

Messenger Platform  Pro

11.2K 2 4

CryptoBot Chatbot


Track all the latest tokens, ICOs and cryptocurrency news

Messenger Platform  Pro

13.2K 1 3

Fundraising Bot Chatbot

Fundraising Bot

A quick access to a database of 3150 angel investors

Messenger Platform Telegram Platform

5.3K 0 3

Bank Yogi Chatbot

Bank Yogi

Take Mystery Out of Credit Card Benefits

Amazon Echo Platform Android Platform iOS Platform Messenger Platform Skype Platform Telegram Platform

3.3K 0 3

Mito Chatbot


Personalized financial news about the stocks, companies and cryptocurrencies

Messenger Platform

1.7K 0 1

Biya Chatbot


Easy payments for Africa via chat

Messenger Platform Skype Platform Slack Platform Telegram Platform Web Platform

5.4K 0 1

Saveboost Chatbot


An intelligent assistant to help you save money.

Messenger Platform

4.6K 0 0

Robin Chatbot


We'll make it when you can't! Your personal assistant in Scandinavia

Messenger Platform

4.8K 0 0

Coinbot Chatbot


Your friend in Crypto! Coinbot tells you the price of any crypto currency.

Slack Platform Telegram Platform Messenger Platform  Pro

11.5K 3 9

CoinBot Chatbot


Instant cryptocurrency and ICO news

Messenger Platform

5.4K 1 4

Ernest Chatbot


An AI based personal banker

Messenger Platform

5.0K 0 1