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My friend Rupert Chatbot

My friend Rupert

The A.I friend helping child, teen and young adult victims of bullying

Messenger Platform

14.0K 0 1

Wanderful Chatbot


An assistant help you find your dream apartment in San Francisco and Bay area.

Messenger Platform

14.5K 0 1

Tabassam Bot Chatbot

Tabassam Bot

Happiness messages

Messenger Platform

11.6K 1 1

Pomp! Chatbot


Fashion Assistant Cat...???

Messenger Platform

10.7K 1 1

Unexcited Chatbot


Save -90% compared to Amazon, get five exclusive product deals everyday

Messenger Platform

12.5K 0 1

Collbet Chatbot


Personalized betting recommendations

Messenger Platform Telegram Platform

9.9K 1 1

Instawell Chatbot


Instawell is a marketplace for premium chats with mental health professionals.

Android Platform iOS Platform Messenger Platform Microsoft Teams Platform Telegram Platform Slack Platform Web Platform

8.5K 0 4

Energy Optimism Chatbot

Energy Optimism

Received very beautiful optimism messages

Messenger Platform

11.6K 0 1

Wolli Chatbot


Tickete Bot for prizes

Messenger Platform

8.2K 2 1

Love Test اختبار الحب Chatbot

Love Test اختبار الحب

Calculates love percentage between any two names.

Messenger Platform

10.7K 1 0

Ala darb rsolellah Chatbot

Ala darb rsolellah

The biggest religious bot on Messenger.

Messenger Platform

13.1K 0 0

Jullie Chatbot


Talk about your feelings to this bot who can listen to you compassionately. For anxiety, stress, sadness, loneliness, virtual counseling and good phycology!

Messenger Platform

11.4K 0 2