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Messenger is the best way to communicate with all the people and businesses in the world.

Shadowcast Chatbot


Discover your destiny

Kik Platform Messenger Platform Twitter Platform

3.3K 0 2

The Adventures of Rogelio Price Chatbot

The Adventures of Rogelio Price

A choose your own adventure

Messenger Platform

2.7K 2 2

Coffee Break Chatbot

Coffee Break

Mini games played directly on FB Messenger

Messenger Platform

4.4K 0 2

Blackjack Chatbot


Play Blackjack inside of Facebook Messenger

Messenger Platform

3.4K 2 2

SantaBot Chatbot


Chat with Santa to ask him your wishes

Messenger Platform

3.4K 0 2

Flappy Bird Chatbot

Flappy Bird

Play the famous Flappy Bird on Messenger

Messenger Platform

5.4K 2 2

2048 Chatbot


Play the famous 2048 game using Messenger

Messenger Platform

3.1K 1 2

Video Poker Chatbot

Video Poker

Take a Video Poker break!

Messenger Platform

4.9K 1 2

MojiHunt Chatbot

MojiHunt For sale

MojiHunt is the most addictive game for Messenger

Messenger Platform Kik Platform  Pro

6.9K 1 2

Rock Paper Scissors Chatbot

Rock Paper Scissors

Let's play Rock-Paper-Scissors

Messenger Platform

6.8K 0 2

99Quiz Chatbot


So you think you're a genius? Prove it!

Messenger Platform

3.3K 1 2

FlagQ Chatbot


Find out how good are you in Geography

Messenger Platform

2.4K 2 2