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Think Different

GIF Keyboard Chatbot

GIF Keyboard

Find and Share Animated G!fs and Videos.

Messenger Platform iOS Platform

2.7K 0 0

Workflow Chatbot


Automate things you do every day on your iPhone/iPad

iOS Platform Web Platform

2.6K 0 0

Chop Chop Chatbot

Chop Chop

Your AI Chef that helps you cook dishes in perfect time

iOS Platform

2.0K 0 0

Mylo Chatbot


The simplest way for men to dress well

iOS Platform

2.0K 0 0

Mona Chatbot


Siri-like personal shopping assistant

iOS Platform

3.5K 0 0

Smooch Chatbot


Enabling Messaging for Businesses

Slack Platform Android Platform Email Platform iOS Platform Telegram Platform Web Platform

16.0K 1 1

Reside Chatbot


AI travel assistant that helps you find great hotels w/ SMS

SMS Platform iOS Platform

2.3K 0 0

Penny Chatbot


A personal finance coach that's simpler than Mint

Android Platform iOS Platform

5.0K 2 2

Digit Chatbot


SMS bot that monitors your bank account & saves you money

SMS Platform iOS Platform Messenger Platform

5.7K 0 1

Lookup Chatbot


Chat with local businesses and shops to make reservations.

SMS Platform Android Platform iOS Platform

5.2K 0 0

Dispatch Messenger Chatbot

Dispatch Messenger

The get-anything app (London only)

Android Platform iOS Platform

4.0K 0 0

GoButler Chatbot


iOS Platform

12.2K 1 0