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Discord is the only free and secure all-in-one voice+text app designed for gamers that works on your desktop and phone.

HaiBot Chatbot


A Discord bot for all.

Discord Platform

6.4K 1 2

Starboy Chatbot


A minimalistic starboard bot for the modern Discord server.

Discord Platform

6.3K 0 0

Discord Waffles Chatbot

Discord Waffles

Want waffles sent to your server in 1 min or less? Add this!

Discord Platform

6.3K 1 0

TrendingGiphyBot Chatbot


Posting the trending GIPHY GIF on a configurable job timer.

Discord Platform

6.1K 1 0

TopHat Chatbot


The most mediocre digital hat you'll ever fiddle with.

Discord Platform

5.7K 0 0

Smoogle Translate Chatbot

Smoogle Translate

A free auto translation bot for your Discord server.

Discord Platform

5.5K 0 0

Roleplayer Chatbot


A roleplay bot for DnD & RPG discord servers featuring profi

Discord Platform

5.5K 0 0

Goose Chatbot


Moderate, Fun, Commands, Social, Cleverbot

Discord Platform

5.0K 4 2

StillowBot Chatbot


Fun, Commands, Discord, Best Bot Ever, Moderate, CleverBot, Social

Discord Platform

4.9K 1 2

Taunt Bot Chatbot

Taunt Bot

Celebrate Your Victories

Discord Platform

4.9K 1 4

Qubit Chatbot


An advanced yet simple Discord bot providing full control over your server

Discord Platform

4.9K 0 1

JuiceBot Chatbot


The juiciest bot of them all

Discord Platform

4.9K 0 0