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Discord is the only free and secure all-in-one voice+text app designed for gamers that works on your desktop and phone.

SheepBot Chatbot


A fun music bot for Discord

Discord Platform

10.1K 1 2

Audio recorder Chatbot

Audio recorder

Audio recorder records audio in your voice channel

Discord Platform

12.6K 0 1

Loli Bot Chatbot

Loli Bot

Loli bot is a Discord.js bot that has action commands and contains Anime.

Discord Platform

14.2K 0 0

Goose Chatbot


Moderate, Fun, Commands, Social, Cleverbot

Discord Platform

3.9K 4 2

Wolfo Bump Chatbot

Wolfo Bump

Wolfo Bump! The best bot for advertising your server!

Discord Platform

8.0K 2 2

Tatsumaki Chatbot


Provide an enhanced & gamified Discord experience

Discord Platform

9.8K 4 3

Echo Chatbot


Highly custom Discord Bot

Discord Platform

11.9K 0 1

Minion Bot Chatbot

Minion Bot

War caller bot for Clash of Clans

Discord Platform

13.4K 0 0

Rasa NLU Chatbot

Rasa NLU

Open source, drop-in replacement for NLP tools like wit.ai

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7.1K 0 6

owo Chatbot


osu! bot for discord

Discord Platform

12.1K 0 1

TriviaBot Chatbot


An open-source trivia bot for Discord!

Discord Platform

10.6K 0 2

AeroBot Chatbot


A multi-purpose bot made to make your Discord experience more fun

Discord Platform

8.6K 2 3