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Discord is the only free and secure all-in-one voice+text app designed for gamers that works on your desktop and phone.

Kpop Chatbot


A stable and fun music bot for Discord

Discord Platform

16.7K 6 4

InviteManager Chatbot


Track who invited who on your server.

Discord Platform

24.3K 2 2

Airhorn Solutions Chatbot

Airhorn Solutions

Play a slew of sounds including Airhorns and other audio memes.

Discord Platform

26.1K 1 1

FredBoat ♪♪ Chatbot

FredBoat ♪♪

A free yet powerful open source Discord music

Discord Platform

21.7K 2 5

Raider.IO WoW Progression Chatbot

Raider.IO WoW Progression

Get World of Warcraft Raid & Mythic + Progression Updates Sent Into Discord!

Discord Platform

23.5K 0 2

Music Bot  Chatbot

Music Bot

Adds Music Selection and Auto Play

Discord Platform

24.0K 1 3

Discord Emoji Chatbot

Discord Emoji

A bot that will help you get cool emojis and play emoji games!

Discord Platform

17.1K 2 4

Crazzy Bot Chatbot

Crazzy Bot

A simple bot that will amuse you and your discord server !

Discord Platform

8.3K 1 15

Cashbot.ai Chatbot


Cash in on the Conversation

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4.2K 5 11

RadBots Chatbot


The first Ad platform for Bots

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8.6K 3 9

Pollux Chatbot


A fancy maid for fancy communities

Discord Platform

14.7K 3 6

GameBot Chatbot


Amazing Entertainment & Moderation Bot for your server!

Discord Platform

7.3K 6 7