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Discord is the only free and secure all-in-one voice+text app designed for gamers that works on your desktop and phone.

Vexera Chatbot


A discord bot with music, moderation, and other pointless commands

Discord Platform

114.5K 214 32

Miki Chatbot


Your solution to a great Discord community!

Discord Platform

13.9K 8 17

Crazzy Bot Chatbot

Crazzy Bot

A simple bot that will amuse you and your discord server !

Discord Platform

9.7K 1 15

Translate Chatbot


Bringing translation services to your Discord, for free.

Discord Platform

46.8K 2 9

 Nightbot Chatbot


A chat moderation bot for Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and more.

Discord Platform

190.4K 4 8

Discord Translator Chatbot

Discord Translator

The most powerful translator for Discord, supports 100+ languages, automatic and multi translations, and TTS Voice.

Discord Platform

54.5K 7 8

Pollux Chatbot


A fancy maid for fancy communities

Discord Platform

27.6K 3 6

Cryptocurrency Alerting Chatbot

Cryptocurrency Alerting

Get notified when important crypto metrics change.

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4.1K 2 5

Koya Chatbot


Make your life on Discord easier

Discord Platform

14.5K 3 5

F.U.R.R.Y Chatbot


Introducing F.U.R.R.Y (Functional Unit Responsible for Repair and Yelling). The Prefix is -

Discord Platform

3.8K 1 5

Now Live Chatbot

Now Live

Discord bot that announces live streams

Discord Platform

9.7K 1 4

HyperCircle Chatbot


A bot that does fun stuff, music, levels, join messages, moderation, and more!

Discord Platform

6.5K 3 4