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Discord is the only free and secure all-in-one voice+text app designed for gamers that works on your desktop and phone.

YAGPDB Chatbot


Yet another general purpose discord bot

Discord Platform

11.2K 2 2

Ender Chatbot


An elite, multifunctional community administration and moderation bot.

Discord Platform

3.5K 0 2

TuneMoji Chatbot


GIFs with sound/music for messaging

Kik Platform Discord Platform Slack Platform iMessage Platform Messenger Platform Telegram Platform Viber Platform  Pro

3.2K 2 2

Daily Fire Chatbot

Daily Fire

a Slack & Discord app for every music lover.

Slack Platform Discord Platform  Pro

990 1 2

Cafe Chatbot


An incremental game that works within Discord!

Discord Platform

958 15 2

Airhorn Solutions Chatbot

Airhorn Solutions

Play a slew of sounds including Airhorns and other audio memes.

Discord Platform

26.1K 1 1

Lapzbot Chatbot


Multi-utility bot with a interactive dashboard for Discord

Discord Platform

11.3K 1 1

GameWisp Chatbot


Easy subscriptions for fans of your stream, partner or not.

Discord Platform

5.2K 0 1

Riley Chatbot


A fully modular bot for Discord

Discord Platform

6.8K 1 1

FoxBot Chatbot


Multi-purpose fun bot for Discord.

Discord Platform

4.7K 1 1

Asura Chatbot


Music, fun and moderation

Discord Platform

5.4K 0 1

BF1 Tracker Chatbot

BF1 Tracker

Battlefield 1 tracker bot that displays your stats on Discord

Discord Platform

5.3K 1 1