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Kuna Chatbot


Voice to control the lights on your Kuna Powered security devices

Amazon Echo Platform

2.3K 0 2

spoonacular food bot Chatbot

spoonacular food bot

Your access to your world of food

Amazon Echo Platform Telegram Platform Web Platform

3.3K 0 2

NPR Chatbot


Five minutes of NPR news, updated hourly

Amazon Echo Platform

2.1K 0 0

Shopify Chatbot


Manage your Shopify store using the Amazon Alexa

Amazon Echo Platform

2.9K 0 3

Ditty Chatbot


You say it. Ditty sings it.

Amazon Echo Platform

2.8K 0 0

Earplay Chatbot


Interactive stories you play with your voice

Amazon Echo Platform iOS Platform

2.5K 0 1

DeepPIXEL Chatbot


BOT building platform for customer support

Web Platform Messenger Platform Twitter Platform Amazon Echo Platform SMS Platform

3.5K 0 4

Art of War Quotes Chatbot

Art of War Quotes

Get inspiration and guidance from master Sun Tzu on Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Platform

2.6K 0 2

Product Hunt on Amazon Echo Chatbot

Product Hunt on Amazon Echo

Ask Alexa what's on Product Hunt for the day's top hunts

Amazon Echo Platform

1.8K 0 1

RadBots Chatbot


The first Ad platform for Bots

SMS Platform Email Platform Slack Platform Telegram Platform Android Platform iOS Platform Web Platform Kik Platform Messenger Platform Skype Platform Discord Platform Twitter Platform iMessage Platform Amazon Echo Platform

10.5K 3 10

The Associated Press Chatbot

The Associated Press

Hear the latest headlines across a variety of news categories

Amazon Echo Platform

2.3K 0 2

This Week in Tech Chatbot

This Week in Tech

Receive the top tech headlines, trends, and announcements

Amazon Echo Platform

2.3K 0 1