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Reading Music Chatbot

Reading Music

Specially selected relaxing background music, perfect for playing whilst reading.

Amazon Echo Platform  Pro

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Tea House Meditations Chatbot

Tea House Meditations

Enjoy a re-set moment that changes your whole day

Amazon Echo Platform

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Bank Yogi Chatbot

Bank Yogi

Take Mystery Out of Credit Card Benefits

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eHow Chatbot


Discover the expert in you.

Amazon Echo Platform

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moodbooster Chatbot


Boost The Mood!

Amazon Echo Platform

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Zen Mood: Thunder Sounds Chatbot

Zen Mood: Thunder Sounds

Rain & thunderstorm sounds that help you relax, meditate or sleep peacefully.

Amazon Echo Platform

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Be Nice! Chatbot

Be Nice!

Remind your family and friends to be nice during a conversation

Amazon Echo Platform

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Oprah Magazine Chatbot

Oprah Magazine

Welcome to the world of O!

Amazon Echo Platform

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Daily Motivation Chatbot

Daily Motivation

Delivering motivational quotes to help inspire you to kick off your day!

Amazon Echo Platform

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Daily Affirmation Chatbot

Daily Affirmation

Positive thought for you to take throughout the day

Amazon Echo Platform

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Magic 8-Ball Chatbot

Magic 8-Ball

Ask the Magic 8-Ball all your unanswered questions

Amazon Echo Platform

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Mylestone Chatbot


Your memories made easily accessible on virtual assistants

Amazon Echo Platform

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